On Monday, May 21st, 2018, Pattillo Industrial Real Estate opened its doors for business at the newly completed Trackside-Chamblee office building. This culminates a multi-year project between Pattillo, Parkside Partners, MSTSD, ASD|SKY, DPR Construction, and MARTA to deliver a nearly 80,000 square foot transit oriented development immediately adjacent to the Chamblee MARTA station.
As with any move, our team spent a fair amount of time purging old documents and files. Purging often becomes a walk down memory lane – reliving successful projects, remembering obstacles overcome, and being thankful for the people that have contributed to our success. As we open our new office, it is prudent to pause and reflect on all that has been accomplished in our 68 year history. Nearly everyone reading this newsletter played a part in our accomplishments and success. For your contributions to our story, we are truly grateful. A sincere thank you as we press onward to continue to write the Pattillo story.
We look forward to hosting all of you at an Open House this summer to celebrate our new home!